"Both Yoga and martial arts help the practitioner to transcend all fears/cravings to attain the supreme state of peace. I find these two arts a great combination especially in these times. Even in the Gita, the great text on yoga, the knowledge of yoga is being imparted to Arjuna who is a highly trained warrior!"
Victory Yoga

Towards victory over all battles – outside and within.

“The ultimate victory is the inner victory – over oneself (one’s ego), leading one to perpetual peace and bliss.”

“The inner victory is not for the weak who run away from the battles in the outside world but for those who face their battles and conquer them”.

“The art of yoga helps a brave warrior of life to center himself, balancing the body and mind, for him to be able to unleash his true potential, conquering all battles- outside and within.”

“The true victory yoga warrior lives in total surrender but without weakness and in total fearlessness but without arrogance or pride”.


This yoga practice is for the warrior of life to attain victory in all aspects of life and over all imbalances, fears and limitations. It retains the true essence of the ancient art of Yoga simplified to suit the present times.

In these turbulent times, each one is like Arjuna in the midst of the battlefield (in the classic text of “Gita”). When Arjuna wishes to drop his weapons and show his back to the battle, he receives the knowledge of yoga extolling him to go ahead with the battle and not run away from it. This yoga practice is aimed at such warriors to provide them the balance and focus to win over and transcend their respective battles.

Victory yoga does not aim to be a fixed structure but an ever evolving art while retaining the true essence of yoga. Yoga is very vast and a fixed structure or pattern can limit this great art. In victory yoga, the emphasis is more on the core essence of yoga than techniques. The techniques are modified, simplified and changed according to the needs of different students.

This practice initially involves rigorous practice of postures, breathing and other techniques - removing imbalances at every level. With perfection in postures and breathing, it subtly leads one to the state of “Dhyana”(meditation). It enables the advanced student to make yoga a part of life - creating one’s own unique practice and evolving it over a period of time according to one’s growth.

Victory yoga is not only limited to the physical practices in yoga. It incorporates yoga in totality- Gyana yoga, Karma yoga, Bhakti yoga and Raja yoga. The attempt is to simplify this great art in totality to make it relevant and effective for the present day warrior, enabling him to operate from the state of “Dhyana” and perform to his true potential. It constantly helps him move towards perfection and towards the ultimate victory that the art of Yoga can lead one to.