"Both Yoga and martial arts help the practitioner to transcend all fears/cravings to attain the supreme state of peace. I find these two arts a great combination especially in these times. Even in the Gita, the great text on yoga, the knowledge of yoga is being imparted to Arjuna who is a highly trained warrior!"
Victory Workout

Victory workout is a workout meant for a warrior. Apart from meditation and practice of gentle yoga postures to balance and harmonize the mind and body, conserve energy and to control and enhance the breath, a warrior needs to do an intense workout to achieve fighting fitness.

This workout involves circuit training sessions to enhance strength, flexibility, endurance (stamina) and balance to prepare the body for peak performance. It also involves the practice of kicks, punches and other martial arts techniques.

Apart from conditioning exercises which might include practice with the punching bag and other equipment, it involves drills such as sprinting and long distance running.

Apart from regular workouts to achieve a good level of overall fitness, it involves optional activities such as a game of basketball, football , trekking or cross country run once in a while to test and keep up one’s functional fitness and keep the body and mind prepared to be pushed to its limits.