"Both Yoga and martial arts help the practitioner to transcend all fears/cravings to attain the supreme state of peace. I find these two arts a great combination especially in these times. Even in the Gita, the great text on yoga, the knowledge of yoga is being imparted to Arjuna who is a highly trained warrior!"
Sessions for Individual/group/corporate

The I Victory sessions are a combination of Victory Yoga and Victory Workout in varying degrees depending on the needs and requirements of the individual or a group. Depending on the individual or group, the sessions could comprise of very classical yoga and breathing practice to relax, center the mind and conserve energy or it could even tilt towards a more vigorous workout.

A normal ‘I Victory’ session would involve a warm up followed by stretches, yoga postures, ‘surya namaskers’, martial art techniques and a circuit workout involving core strengthening exercises. The end of the ‘I Victory’ session involves gentle yoga – sitting meditation, breathing exercises and relaxation to help one conserve energy, center the mind and experience deep relaxation which goes a long way in improving ones quality of life and to help one explore his/her true potential.

Benefits of I Victory

In these sessions we introduce the group to the art of yoga and help them learn the techniques suited to their requirements and make yoga practice a part of their lives. This practice would help them to:

• Balance and center the mind
• Focus better
• Conserve energy
• Enhance creativity
• Be totally in the present moment
• Be more alert and energetic
• Breathe better and use breath as a tool to center the mind
• Improve and prevent postural imbalances and most diseases
• Improve health and fitness
• Be more comfortable with oneself, others and the world around
• Reduce stress and enhance efficiency
• Keep up strength, courage and enthusiasm in challenging circumstances
• Be in sync with divinity(the force beyond)

Apart from many such benefits which one will experience soon after beginning practice, continued practice will help one reach the state of dhyana. This is a state of complete awareness and spontaneity which helps one explore ones true potential. The state of dhyana makes one potent to become an instrument for extraordinary achievements.

Abhishek also draws from his martial arts background to teach the principles of combat (advanced martial arts have their roots in yoga) and help the participants reach peak fitness levels. These universal principles can be effectively applied in any field and situation to emerge a winner.


All ‘I Victory’ sessions are specially designed to suit the needs of the particular group or individual students. Our attempt is to group people with similar needs to be able to structure the Yoga practice relevant to them.

We start with working on the body and breathing. Depending on the particular group, the initial classes are generally more dynamic in which we help the students achieve more flexibility, strength, balance and to breathe deeply using full lung capacity. We help the students to correct imbalances at every level and to achieve perfection in yogic postures and breathing techniques, subtly leading them to “dhyana” (meditation).

In the sessions our attempt is to introduce people to the important yogic techniques (dynamic postures, static postures, breathing techniques, chanting etc.) and to make them experience the bliss of yoga practice. We help the students in perfecting the techniques and to select the ones most relevant to their individual needs and requirements. Our attempt is to make people aware of the essence of yoga, help them perfect the techniques and make this great art a part of their life.