"Both Yoga and martial arts help the practitioner to transcend all fears/cravings to attain the supreme state of peace. I find these two arts a great combination especially in these times. Even in the Gita, the great text on yoga, the knowledge of yoga is being imparted to Arjuna who is a highly trained warrior!"
I Victory

The I Victory sessions are a combination of Victory yoga and Victory workout in varying degrees depending on the needs and requirements of the individual or a group.

Depending on the individual or group, the sessions can comprise of very classical yoga and breathing practice to relax, center the mind and conserve energy or it could even tilt towards a more vigorous workout.

A normal ‘I Victory’ session would involve a warm up followed by stretches, yoga postures, surya namaskers, martial art techniques(perfection in kicks and punches) and a circuit workout involving core strengthening exercises. The end of the ‘I Victory’ session involves gentle yoga – sitting meditation, breathing exercises and relaxation to help one conserve energy, center the mind and experience deep relaxation which goes a long way in improving ones quality of life and to help one explore his/her true potential.


This practice tremendously helps one to become better (“victorious”) in every sphere.

At the physical level it improves posture and helps one become truly healthy and fit. One starts breathing deeply and using full lung capacity - significantly increasing energy levels, calmness and relaxation.

The practice helps one to conserve energy, improve focus and concentration. It leads one to the state of “dhyana”, being in the moment completely - with total awareness, living fully and to one’s true potential. It improves one’s aura.

There are numerous subtle effects which cannot be put down in words. In these turbulent times, it helps one get centered, find direction and be enthusiastic and positive. It helps one achieve victory in all battles in the outside world and within oneself to lead a truly successful and meaningful life and to move towards the supreme state of consciousness.