"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I -
                                 I took the one less traveled by......"
    -- Robert Frost(The Road Not Taken)
About me

Having trained in yoga and martial arts since an early age, Abhishek’s spiritual search took him to the ghats of Varanasi where he experienced the true essence of yoga (beyond postures and techniques) under the guidance of his guru, on the banks of Ganges.

He has been exploring the Vedanta under the guidance of great Sanskrit scholar and philosopher, Dr. Karan Singh. Among other great teachers, he has sought guidance and blessings from spiritual master Ramesh Balsekar.

After graduating from St. Stephen’s college, Delhi in 1999, Abhishek has been teaching yoga/martial arts and pursuing professional and fine art photography. He is now based in Mumbai.

As a photographer, Abhishek has several published pictures and magazine covers to his credit. He has learnt under the guidance of highly acclaimed still photographers Lindsay Hebberd and S. Paul. His travels as a photographer and exploration of varied themes have greatly enriched his spiritual journey. After having dabbled with fashion, classical dance, sports, press, film, advertising, product photography and putting up two exhibits of his hand printed black and white pictures – “Ghalib, the spiritual seeker”(Delhi,1998) and “The Essence of Yoga” (Mumbai, 2005) to an encouraging response, he now focuses more on portrait and art photography.

Abhishek is a black belt in karate and has won medals in several national level martial art championships. He has been a keen sportsman and was a part of the prestigious Delhi university boxing team.

His experience of teaching yoga and martial arts to many different people over the years, his own spiritual journey, yoga practice and teachings of his masters led to the evolution of Victory Yoga. It is a yoga practice meant for a spiritual warrior (someone who still has battles ahead in life to be won and has to fully experience worldly life but with spiritual awareness). Victory Yoga retains the essence of classical yoga yet is simple enough for even the young to be able to relate to and benefit from.

After conducting yoga sessions for a couple of years, Abhishek observed that most people were not drawn to the art of yoga in totality but for the small aspect of yoga involving physical postures and breathing techniques to enhance their health and fitness. Apart from yoga postures and techniques, he used his sports and martial arts background to help people achieve their health and fitness goals in a better way as classical yoga practice does not involve cardio and some other fitness benefits. Also a lot of classical yoga practice which is more relevant to a yogi who has transcended the worldly life might be unnecessary for a young warrior who mainly wants to practice the elements of yoga which would help him to cope with the challenges of modern life, center his mind, relax and conserve energy to succeed in exploring his true potential and achieve true success in the outside world along with the inner.

He called these sessions ‘I Victory’ sessions which he teaches professionally and customizes them to the needs and requirements of different individuals and groups to help them center their minds, enhance fitness and well being to propel them towards true success in their respective fields and attain peace of mind.

Though he incorporates lots of elements from the victory yoga practice in the ‘I victory’ sessions, he chooses not to call them ‘I victory yoga’ as apart from yoga he draws from other arts as well. The art of yoga to Abhishek is essentially a classical and spiritual art which gets diluted and even distorted when taught professionally and when it is made too structured and generalized to cater to large groups. Moreover, the physical aspect of yoga involving stretching exercises, postures, breathing and other techniques are but a very small aspect of the art of yoga in totality and it can be misleading when advanced physical postures are termed as advanced yoga. If that were true all gymnasts and ballet dancers with their amazing flexibility and body control would be the ultimate yoga gurus!

Though in his sessions Abhishek stresses on achieving very good fitness and perfection in yoga postures, he makes sure to make his students and clients aware that the art of yoga goes much beyond postures and breathing techniques. The ‘I Victory’ sessions may draw from many different arts and even sports along with the elements from yoga for maximum benefit and value of time and money for the practitioner but the yoga bit it includes is pure, classical and undiluted yoga practice.

In his sessions, he draws from the meditative (spiritual) aspect and physical conditioning of both yoga and martial arts to suit the needs of different students.

Abhishek’s sessions are meant for a warrior, much like Arjuna in the Gita, for him to go ahead in his battle with a centered mind and not run away from it!

He has been training and coaching people from all walks of life. Industrialist Mr Subroto Roy(Sahara Shri), Actors Anil Kapoor, Salman Khan, Akshay Khanna, Ranbir Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, film directors Firoz Abbas Khan and Nikhil Advani among many others have benefited from his sessions. He conducted sessions for the Femina Miss India contestants, 2006 and 2007.

He taught yoga to the cast and crew of the highly acclaimed film, “Gandhi, my father”, particularly helping actor Darshan Jariwala in his preparation to play Mahatma Gandhi’s character through intense spiritual yoga practice.

Abhishek was an integral part of the television series for Aastha international channel called “The Ultimate Aha – journey from who am I to I am that” in which he contributed by representing the spiritual warriors’ perspective while explaining and simplifying many ancient and universal spiritual concepts.”

His personal mission is to simplify the art of yoga and the ancient Indian spiritual wisdom (retaining its true essence), for it to reach out to more people, specially the youth.